How It All Started

Hear from the Founder of GitKash on our origin story

“In the early days of widespread mobile phone usage, I was the founder of a mobile phone payments company. Unlike today, where there are really just two mobile operating systems (iOS & Android) back then there were dozens and they were constantly changing.” -Donald Green

“One of the most successful things we did to get people to use the system, was offering an incentive for them to come into the stores.”

This is how our referral program became what it is today!

“I learned two main things. On the merchant side, new technology should be seamless – no new hardware, no integration, and no training required.

And on the user side, there needs to be a significant incentive, and it needs to be simple and the same in every store and for every type of deal.”

From these experiences, GitKash was born.

Retailers create cash back deals for consumers who redeem them using their receipts on our mobile app.
It’s as simple as that!

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