Find, shop, and support local businesses and earn cash back while you’re at it!

Earn cash back at stores you know, stores you find, and stores you refer!

Refer retailers and earn up to $100

Do you know a retailer that could benefit from GitKash?

Easily refer them in the mobile app!

When they sign up, you’ll start earning a referral reward from the revenue they get by using GitKash.

To make sure you earn the full reward, encourage your friends and family to shop at your referred merchant. That way, you help grow your referral’s business and earn while you’re at it!

Receipt, Redeem, Repeat!

Join GitKash today to earn cash back while supporting local retailers!


Glad you asked, we created an app for consumers to gain cash back on deals at local retailers. The retailers create cash back deals such as “15% cash back on your first purchase” or “10% cash back on Monday”.

All you need to do is purchase something at the store that fits the deal parameters. Keep your physical receipt and take a picture of it in the GitKash app!

We will confirm your receipt and your cash back will be added to your GitKash account! It’s as easy as shop local, earn cash!

In your GitKash account you can link a bank account and transfer your funds whenever you want!

We are only able to verify you completed a purchase within the deal parameters with your receipt. If you lose it, you can try to get another copy from the retailer.

When you refer a merchant/retailer you receive up to $100 from their GitKash profit. To refer them, go to the menu icon at the top right corner and press “referral”. Press “refer a merchant” and fill in their details.

Once the merchant signs up and GitKash users redeem their deals, you receive up to $100 from their GitKash profit.

Once you make a referral, its in your best interest to encourage everyone you know to use the GitKash app and redeem deals at your referred retailers, that way you can earn up to the total referral reward!

The referral reward will be deposited to your GitKash account.

When you redeem a GitKash deal from a retailer, you are automatically enrolled in their loyalty program. It’s the same idea as a punch card, you will see a filled-in start for each time you redeem a deal. Once you fill up all the stars, you will receive the reward they have chosen.

There’s nothing extra you need to do for the loyalty program, just keep redeeming deals and you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty!