How to attract new customers using GitKash

In the face of tightening margins, reduced consumer spending, supply chain hiccups, and a push toward online shopping, brick-and-mortar retailers need to pull out all the stops to get shoppers through the door. One app that’s creating new opportunities for discovery and loyalty is Gitkash — the app that pays your customers to shop from you.

What is Gitkash?

Gitkash puts location-based mobile advertising within the reach of small and medium brick-and-mortar retailers. It advertises to your audience where they already are — on their smartphones.

Retailers can create Gitkash offers that are pushed to their audience’s mobile phones. The goal is to entice local customers with a specific offer and drive them into your store to redeem it. Offers can be cash-back on a purchase, special deals or loyalty points.

Gitkash makes it easy to attract new customers by offering immediate cash back and more value with their purchases. It’s a great way to get customers to try your store!

Benefits of Using TheGitkash App for Retail Customer Acquisition

The Gitkash app takes the guesswork out of how to spend your marketing budget. Rather than wasting money on ads that may or may not get results, Gitkash shows you data on all of your ads and offers.

And withGitkash’s redemption method, there’s no hardware or software to purchase or integrate. Just create the offer within your web-based Gitkash account and we handle the rest.

Best of all, you only pay for conversions! You only pay when an offer from Gitkash results in a sale. Combined with real-time data on how your offers are performing, you can make quick decisions to adjust your advertising on the fly and improve your results.

How to Use Gitkash to Drive Foot Traffic

Setting up an offer in Gitkash is one of the easiest things you’ll do all day. Here’s how it works:

From your Gitkash dashboard, select Create a Deal.

You can select from one of the many default deals or create your own. For new customers, we recommend deals that offer incentives for a customer’s first purchase.

From there, you can set an expiration date. Create a sense of urgency so that your customers will act quickly or risk losing out.

That’s it — your deal is live! Gitkash will present your offer to local customers on your behalf.

After your deal goes live, you can track its impact in your Gitkash dashboard. See how much revenue your deal has generated for your store. Know your marketing is working, without a doubt.

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