How to drive customers into your store during slow times using GitKash

As a retailer, you may have experienced times when foot traffic in your store slows down. Sometimes, slowdowns happen seasonally. Or you might always have a less busy day of the week. The good news: slow periods of foot traffic can still result in sales.

GitKash  helps you turn slow periods into sales opportunities. Here’s how you can use GitKash to drive more foot traffic to your store when you need it most.

Create Offers for Special Shopping Hours

For most retailers, foot traffic comes and goes throughout the day. If you notice that you have a lull for a couple of hours on a certain day, consider a special cash back offer for shoppers to come during that time.

For example, you might offer 10% cash back on purchases made on Tuesdays between the hours of 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. You can set this up in the GitKash in minutes. Customers will automatically receive their offer via GitKash without you having to do anything else.

These offers can be one-time events or recurring specials. Creating a recurring offer can be a great way to build customer loyalty and develop regular shopping patterns.

Provide a Discount on Your Slowest Day of the Week

If you have a particularly slow day of the week, you can create GitKash offers that last all day. Choose a day of the week to offer cash back on the customer’s entire purchaseor a percant cash back when a customer makes a minimum purchase.

This is a great feature to use if you are expanding your hours, too. For example, if you aren’t usually open on Sundays but want to see if there’s enough interest from your customers for Sunday hours, you could set up a special GitKash offer to encourage Sunday shoppers.

Schedule Deals Ahead of Time

GitKash lets you set up offers ahead of time, allowing shoppers to plan their trip to your store. Customers might wait to visit your store to use a time-based offer. This is a great way to reduce foot traffic during your busy times and beef up your slow times. Your busy times become a little less busy, which gives your customers some breathing room and makes it easier to explore. And your slow times become a little more lively, which makes your store feel more inviting and successful. It’s a better shopping experience for everyone!

Driving Foot Traffic with GitKash

Finding ways to drive more traffic into your store during slow times can help you keep your store thriving. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers on a more personal level when things are slow. And even if customers aren’t buying from you, they’re still exposed to your brand and products and may come back later.

Start turning slow periods into sales with GitKash!

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