How to develop Loyalty using GitKash

How to Develop Customer Loyalty Using GitKash

In the retail industry, customer loyalty is key to success. Customer loyalty creates repeat customers. These are customers who will continue to come back to the store, time and time again. They are also more likely to spend more money when they do visit the store and refer you to their friends and family members.

GitKash makes it easy to develop a customer loyalty program that works the way you do. Customers only need the GitKash app to take advantage of your loyalty program. The app does all of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to build loyalty effortlessly. 

Here’s how you can set up special offers for your customers to keep them coming back.

Create Deals to Drive Sales

GitKash helps you drive more sales in your store with customizable offers. You can create deals within the GitKash app for customers to redeem in your store. Examples include:

  • 20% cash back your first purchase
  • 10% cash back every Wednesday
  • $5 cash backwhen you spend $25
  • 10% cash back if you shop Mondays between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM

Customers will see the available deals for your store within the GitKash app. These custom deals are great ways to get customers into your store at times that matter to you. Make them timely to encourage shoppers to buy now and not wait.

Track Every Purchase through GitKash

GitKash automatically tracks your customers’ purchases in your store. Customers will earn one star each time they make a purchase. There’s no physical card to keep up with, making it easy for shoppers to get credit every time they visit your store.

Select a Loyalty Payout

Once customers acquire enough stars, they will receive an attractive cash-back payout. For example, you might offer 50% of the average total of their past 10 transactions.

Here’s how this might break down:

  • Transaction 1: $15
  • Transaction 2: $25
  • Transaction 3: $50
  • Transaction 4: $10
  • Transaction 5: $4
  • Transaction 6: $100
  • Transaction 7: $13
  • Transaction 8: $20
  • Transaction 9: $20
  • Transaction 10: $12

This customer will have spent $269 in their last 10 transactions. This breaks down to $26.90 per transaction. If you’re offering 50% cash back on the average of their transactions, they will receive $13.45 cash back. Then, they can use this money to shop with you again!

Creating Customer Loyalty with GitKash

Customer loyalty helps to create brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are customers who love your store so much that they spread positive word-of-mouth about it to everyone they know. They’re basically walking (and talking) advertisements for your business. And the more they use the GitKash app, the more other customers will want in on the savings!

At GItKash, we’re all about empowering retailers to cater to their customers in ways that matter. So use GitKash and start building customer loyalty on your terms.

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